The Royal Return to Life

Alpinia recently celebrated two years since we opened the doors of the renovated Hotel Bohinj. But new projects are already ahead of us. Next year it will be 90 years since Prince George of England and Princess Marina of Greece got engaged in front of the once magnificent Villa Muhr, which is under construction and opens its doors in 2024.

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Villa Muhr in Ribčev Laz was built in 1902 for Adolf Muhr, who used it as a larger hunting lodge. It was later owned by Aleksandar Karađorđević, which is why it was also known as Karađorđević Villa. After the war, the villa functioned as an eye hospital and a recovery center for patients and war orphans. Later, under the ownership of Kompas, it served for tourism purposes… until its sad demise. In 2014, it met its bitter end when it finally collapsed under the weight of snow.

At the end of autumn, we closed Hotel Bohinj for two months, during which time we started preparatory work on the construction site of Villa Muhr. We start building the villa in winter, continue interior decoration in spring, and open its doors in summer. The villa will offer four boutique rooms, the largest of which will have 180 square meters. In addition to the mentioned rooms, the villa will also have a restaurant and a congress hall, which will be an excellent addition to congress tourism.

Like any object with added value, Vila Muhr will also tell its story, along with objects that once adorned the original villa. Among other things, we will appropriately incorporate the currently stored stones from the original villa into the new structure. The villa will serve boutique tourism at the highest level and will undoubtedly further enhance the quality of tourism in Bohinj.